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        With the World Environment Day drawing near,and near, environmental issues attract public’s attention once again. According to latest research from WHO, the death resulted from unhealthy living and working conditions accounts for about 1/4 of global toll.  We are confronted with severe environmental problems. Compared with the increasingly serious problem of atmospheric pollution, the harm from the home decoration also can not be ignored.
        Among the products used to disposal spray painting waste water, the organic two-component type accounting for a large proportion, main components of which are formaldehyde polymer. As it known to all, formaldehyde is a very harmful substance to human health and WHO put it on the list of carcinogen on June 15th 2004.
        Zhejiang Fenghong New Material Co., Ltd, a professional bentonite manufacturer, committed to develop a new product to reduce the content of formaldehyde when we use solvent based coatings to decorate our houses. We finally developed a new type of green paint mist coagulant for environment protection on the foundation of research and rich experience in the field of Nano mineral materials.
        Not only the property of the coatings can be improved but the harm to us from the formaldehyde can be greatly reduced as well by mixing this new product with the solvent based coatings. Compared with the chemical component products, this product is provided with the characteristics of high debinding property, great clarity in water, wide range of applications etc. It will not be affected by the change of PH value when applied and there is no need to add extra materials to adjust PH value.