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Hangzhou G20 and Production Notice
     Hangzhou city will host the 11th summit of Group of 20, a global economic forum participated by 20 major economies, both developed and emerging, on September 4 and 5.
     To ensure friendly environment, the city has championed low-carbon commuting since the beginning of this year. High-polluting vehicles have been banned from the roads while developing its network of clean public transport. It is adding 500 clean-energy buses in the coming weeks to its fleet of 1500. More patrol cars are scheduled go on road during the event. 
     More than 750,000 local residents have volunteered to help out during the international event. They will be distinguished by their red armbands, and will direct and guide incoming visitors. They will also watch out for any breaches in security.
     Though Hangzhou hasn't built any new buildings for the summit, all kinds of renovations have been taking place in the past year. That includes the most famous scenic spots such as the West Lake, the Great Canal and the Qiantang River. These three areas now have better public lighting.
     In order to cooperate with G20, our company will reduce the half production from August to mid September. But as a professional manufacture, we insist on supplying high quality products and good service for all the customers. We will persist in the enterprise concept “Because of single-minded, we are more professional” and continue to work towards scaling new heights.