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Fucus on improving treat pollution ability of bentonite
The ability of bentonite to treat pollution is gaining in importance, and bentonite can be seen in such areas as water purification and wastewater treatment, food industry waste disposal, adsorbents and bleaching earth as radioactive waste.

At present, many domestic wastewater treatment mainly by chemical and biological methods, and some are supplemented by chemical method, but the widespread treatment of investment costs, high operating costs, poor treatment, color removal difficulties and other shortcomings. The use of physical and chemical treatment method is also more. The treatment mainly through adsorption, coagulation sedimentation, chemical oxidation, to remove a certain degree of color. Among them, adsorption decolorization technology is to rely on the adsorption of adsorbent to remove the dye molecules. Adsorbents include regenerable adsorbents such as activated carbon, ion exchange fibers, etc. and non-renewable adsorbents such as various natural minerals (bentonite, diatomite), industrial wastes (cinder, fly ash) and natural waste Crumbs) and so on. Because of the exchangeable calcium, magnesium and sodium ions in the interlayer of montmorillonite in bentonite, the surface of the particles often has a negative charge and a positive charge. Negative charge also includes a constant negative charge and a negative charge of pH control. These properties determine that bentonite has good Adsorption, ion exchange and other properties, and thus in the printing and dyeing wastewater treatment to obtain a wide range of applications