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Products Specifications:
Waterproof Engineering Grade Bentonite
Because bentonite has extremely strong water absorbing and swelling property, it is very useful to exterior wall waterproofing for various underground engineering. Because after meeting the water, the compressed bentonite will press the small bentonite gel grain (<2mm) into the cracks or holes of the concrete or rock earth, so as to avoid filtration of underground water. Besides, if asymmetry settlement happened in the base of buildings or the concrete or water proof material were ripped due to self distortion, bentonite can piece up and close the new crack automaticlly under swelling pressure and thixotropy force.
Technical Data:
Item BK®-101
Methylene blue index g/100g ≥34
Swell index ml/2g ≥24
Filtrate volume ml ≤18
Moisture% ≤12
(Smaller than 0.149mm≤1%)
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