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Products Specifications:
BK®-887L is a modified bentonite for water-based systems
1.      Advantages:
High gelling efficiency in water-based systems. Can replace traditional  cellulose ether thickening agent.
Excellent thixotropy property, sag resistance and viscosity control.
Prevent hard settlement of pigment/fillers.
Ease of incorporation and Ease of dispersion.
Suite to wide PH range.
Good corrosion resistance and stable viscosity in different temperatures.
Good bio-stability and heat resistance.
Has apparent level limitation.Viscosity increases dramatically when exceeds certain amount.

2.      Typical Properties:
Color Appearance Density Moisture
Fineness through 200 mesh PH value
(2%suspension )
Light White Free Flowing Powder 1.6g/cm3 ≤10.0% ≥99% 8.5-10.5
3.      Typical Applications:
Water-based paint&coatings
Emulsion paint

4.      Incorporations:
BK®-887L can be added directly in powder form. No need for polar actiator or pre-gel. Recommended procedures are as follows:
A.  Water.
B.  BK-887L (Dispersing at high speed shear for 15-30minutes).
C.  Other additives(film-forming agent,dispersing agent,defoaming agent, etc).
D.  Pigment and filler (Mixing and dispersing).
E.  Emulsion (Mixing).
F.  Post correct.

5.      Recommended Levels:
The amount of BK®-887L rheological additive required depends upon the specific system and the degree of thickening or other properties desired. Addition levels are typically between 0.2%-1.0% based on the total formulation weight.
6.      International Countertypes:
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